Dickie Dare of UCLA  

       Zen Master Musician from Flower Power California


The Story of a Hippie who became a Buddha



I was a piano prodigy at age 10. I could play anything they put in front of me.

Unfortunately, they didn't put music I wanted to play on my music stand.

I rebelled by dropping the keys and switching to trombone in 1964.

I rebelled again by trading in my bone for an electric guitar in 1967.

I played rock'n'roll in San Diego, California, until 1970, when I was deported to Newfoundland.

I was hired by Lukey's Boat to play bass in their band.

I formed my own band, Dogmeat, in 1971.

I hithhiked Canada a couple times in 1972, finally ending up back in San Diego, California.

I became a recording studio engineer in 1974.

I started producing recordsin 1975.

I became a journeyman carpenter of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters in 1977.

I moved to Los Angeles with my rock'n'roll band, The Rich, in 1978.

I started Kung Fu classes in 1980.

I founded my own record company, Shaolin Records, in 1984.

I became known as "The Coyote," in 1985, while performing my rock opera, COYOTE IN A GRAVEYARD.

I became a Kung Fu Master in 1985.

I started my own Kung Fu school, Shaolin Chi Mantis, in 1992.

I started publishing my poetry books under my imprint, Shaolin Communications.

I became known as The Shaolin Monk, or Tai Chi Buddhist, and formed my own sect of Chinese Chan Buddhism in 1994.

I founded the nonprofit organization, Tai Chi Youth, in 1996.

I became The Hippy Coyote in 2007.

I became Buddha Zhen in 2008.

I became The Hippie Buddha, in 2010.


Cowboy Coyote
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